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Our Story

Founded in year 2019, Hanako Crystals was started with the vision of providing spiritual and emotional healing through genuine natural crystals. Found my love and connection with crystals when I chanced upon a crystal meditation session. Certain crystals have helped me get through the toughest time of my life and I believe everyone should have a 'go-to crystal' whenever they feel they need a connection with the gift from Mother Nature.


What differentiates us is that we still stand firm on using only quality natural crystals despite rising cost of good quality crystals and hardware accessories we use. We sincerely thank all customers , new and our all time loyal customers, for appreciating quality crystals through these years to reap the full benefits from natural crystals✨ 


We have grown from an online store to a humble retail store at NEX #04-K12 and we continue to strive to bring you natural quality crystals at affordable price. Feel free to drop by to check out a whole lot more crystals instore!


Incorporating modern designs into natural healing crystals, I hope everyone can reap the benefits from these real natural crystals. Keep an open mind and let them do its magic. Namaste.


Lotsa Love, Gin

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