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  • Can I customise my order?
    Yes! You may let us know your colour & healing properties preferences. For examples, wealth/health, pastel/dark colours. Current lead time for customisation of bracelets is around 7-10 days(excludes Sundays). Necklaces and earrings' lead time will be shorter. If you would like to customise your own bespoke bracelet/necklace, please whatsapp us at 9734 0949, thank you!
  • How long will delivery take?
    Once courier pickup is arranged, they will usually deliver within the next 1-2 working day/s.
  • Are the crystals real/genuine?
    Yes,definitely ! At Hanako Crystals, only high grade genuine natural crystals are used. SAY NO to fake crystals ! We only source from reputable suppliers who have been in the crystals industry for decades. Rest assure you only reap the benefits each natural crystal possesses. However, crystals should not be a replacement for any medication you may require. It will only aid in enhancing the properties you are looking at.
  • What are natural inclusions in crystals?
    It is normal for crystals to have slight 'cracks' , lines and spots on it, especially lighter colour crystals like moonstones and selenites (white). These are not flaws or defects. We will try our best to pick the best crystals for your bracelets. We seek your understanding that inclusions in natural crystals is inevitable unless they are heavily processed crystals.
  • What payment modes do you accept?
    We accept Credit card payments and Paypal via our website orders. Alternatively, you may transact via Paynow/Paylah by contacting us directly on 9734 0949 (Whatsapp) or on Facebook/Instagram Hanako Crystals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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