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Charm( Luck, Wealth, Career, Protection )

Charm( Luck, Wealth, Career, Protection )


Charm✨$88 ✨Premium( Luck, Wealth, Career, Protection )

✨Back to Work Series 2 ✨

Thanks all for your support for our Swarovski Back to work series! Series 2 designs are created with career/wealth, health, communication ,人缘,防小人 properties in mind.

*No reservations . There will be surcharge for bracelet size 17 cm and above.

Labradorite ~ More than its elegance and prettiness, it is also known to possess strong healing prowess. For beginners, it may help in relieving anxiety and stress. That is mainly due to the energy, which you acquire from the gem that may cleanse the body of any toxins.

It is also known as the good luck stone. If you are wishing for more good fortune, success, and abundance in life, this is tte stone for you .

Moonstone ~ A stone of inner growth and strength . It soothes emotional instabilityand stress , stabilises emotions and provides calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters. It is associated with the moon and is believed to be a woman's stone, worn for fertility and love. It promotes hormonal balance and strengthens the immune system. It also diminishes anxiety and brings harmony and peace to the wearer.

Obsidian repels negative vibes, removes unloving thoughts, and promises spiritual growth. It purifies by releasing unhealthy attachments and protects by stimulating self-awareness. A popular choice for protection as it’s a stone for warding off evil. Silver Sheen Obsidian helps absorb negative energy, it cleanses and grounds. This shiny black gemstone assists in rational decision making by encouraging self reflection, strengthening understanding toward ones behavior. 防小人

  • Sizing & Crystals

    We will text you on the sizing of your bracelet as all bracelets are customised to your wrist size. We will send you the available charm designs for you to choose from.  Alternatively, you may send us a message via Instagram or Facebook at Hanako Crystals after purchase.

    All crystals vary in colour, tone and inclusions in stones are normal as they are natural crystals. Markings or slight discolourations are not flaws. We will try our best to pick the closest tones. 

    Crystals are not a substitute for any health/psychological issue that may require medical attention. It may aid you to enhance your health emotionally and spiritually .

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