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Heart Morganite Earrings

Heart Morganite Earrings


Gorgeous Solitaire Ear Studs 925 silver based, 18K Rose gold plate setting.


The soothing energy of Morganite gemstone is associated with many interesting emotional healing properties. Apart from opening the Heart chakra and helping people to overcome negative feelings of anger and fear, it is great for stabilizing emotional field. Helps with self-confidence, personal power, and help you connect to divine love boosting awareness. Positive energy released by this stone is great for new businesses and it is considered as great talisman stone for all persons working with money.

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    We will text you on the sizing of your bracelet as all bracelets are customised to your wrist size. We will send you the available charm designs for you to choose from. Alternatively, you may send us a message via Instagram or Facebook at Hanako Crystals after purchase.

    All crystals vary in colour, tone and inclusions in stones are normal as they are natural crystals. Markings or slight discolourations are not flaws. We will try our best to pick the closest tones.

    Crystals are not a substitute for any health/psychological issue that may require medical attention. It may aid you to enhance your health emotionally and spiritually .

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