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Leah ( Opportunity, Wealth & Health)

Leah ( Opportunity, Wealth & Health)


Leah✨$93✨Premium( Opportunity, Wealth & Health)

✨Back to Work Series 2 ✨

Thanks all for your support for our Swarovski Back to work series! Series 2 designs are created with career/wealth, health, communication ,人缘,防小人 properties in mind.

*No reservations . There will be surcharge for bracelet size 17 cm and above. Pls dm for enquiries or purchase directly at

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Jadeite ~ a lucky gemstone since it brings energies of health, love, and wealth.If you are experiencing slumps in your career, having a piece of this stone can be a great help since it allows to you make goals that are purposeful. Not only that, jadeite jade will aid you to comprehend your full potential in professional and at the same time personal landscape.

Black Rutilated Quartz inspires us to accept the challenge and responsibility of changing the quality of one’s personal life and life on earth. The Black Rutilated Quartz pushes us to assimilate more in life, teaching how to abandon what is no longer necessary for one’s revolution. This freedom of non-addiction allows you to stay in tune with the light instead of being consumed by life. The Black Rutilated Quartz is going to help you gain more luck in your financial situations and also allow you to choose more wisely when it comes to business decisions.

Amazonite ~ Helps you see both sides of a problem and soothes emotional trauma , worry or fear. Dispels negative energy and blockages from the nervous system. This gemstone is often worn or carried by those who enjoy a flutter – it attracts money and good fortune.

  • Sizing & Crystals

    We will text you on the sizing of your bracelet as all bracelets are customised to your wrist size. We will send you the available charm designs for you to choose from.  Alternatively, you may send us a message via Instagram or Facebook at Hanako Crystals after purchase.

    All crystals vary in colour, tone and inclusions in stones are normal as they are natural crystals. Markings or slight discolourations are not flaws. We will try our best to pick the closest tones. 

    Crystals are not a substitute for any health/psychological issue that may require medical attention. It may aid you to enhance your health emotionally and spiritually .

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