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Rooster Pig Horse Wealth Dzi

Rooster Pig Horse Wealth Dzi


This year we have a special Agate Dzi ( 玛瑙天珠) Edition for our Zodiac Special ! ❤️Limited edition for Dzi designs💰

U may replace the Dzi with your preferred crystal too !

Dzi beads are known for attracting good luck, which can be beneficial in all aspects of your life. Dzi beads are known for bringing wisdom, which can help you make better decisions in your life. 

Dzi beads are great for clearing away any negative energy that might be blocking you from achieving success.


Madagascar Rose Quartz ~ Increases self esteem and is recommended to attract love as well as stabilise marriage. It is also a good stone for children as well as general well being in life. It dispels negativity and encourages self love and self trust .


This is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra. Good for 人缘 and benefactor luck too.


Rhodocrosite~ Associated strongly with the heart chakra, this high energy crystal makes you lively,loving, positive and spontaneous. Release your energy blockages with this high energy stone. This stone gives universal love, attracts the rights love and relationship and is a great stone for benefactor luck and renyuan.


It is also a perfect stone for manifesting wealth, abundance and makes a great protective stone!


Lavender Quartz - A very beneficial stone to keep close by in times of turmoil, stress, upset, anxiety and worry. It helps to ease away the effects that come with such happenings and feelings, as well as bringing an air of peace and stability.Lavender Quartz opens a direct connection to your inner child, letting go of past trauma and hurt. It is also a great stone of abundance and attracts benefactor and relationship luck. 

  • Crystals & Sizing

    We will text you on the sizing of your bracelet as all bracelets are customised to your wrist size. If your bracelet comes with a dangling charm, we will send you the available charm designs for you to choose from. Alternatively, you may send us a message via Instagram or Facebook at Hanako Crystals after purchase.

    All crystals vary in colour, tone and inclusions in stones are normal as they are natural crystals. Markings or slight discolourations are not flaws. We will try our best to pick the closest tones.

    ✨We stand firm on using Quality natural crystals only despite rising cost of good quality crystals and hardware accessories we use. We sincerely thank all customers , new and our all time loyal customers , for appreciating quality crystals to reap the full benefits from natural crystals✨

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